Meet the staff.

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Carol McGruder is the Project Director for the San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project (SFAATFP). A primary goal of the SFAATFP is to empower and build capacity in the African American community to change norms around tobacco usage. The SFAATFP works with youth, the media, and community members in countering the influence of the powerful Tobacco Industry as they target youth and communities of color. Carol McGruder is a proud mother. She has lived and travelled extensively in France and West Africa. Carol is bilingual, speaking French, and has a passion for forging international tobacco control alliances. She also lost a favorite aunt to a long and painful battle with smoking-induced emphysema.

Hi, My name is Ernestine Danial, and I am the Project Coordinator of the San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project.  One of my special projects has been our coordination of our "Fabulous Forty" project that worked with our African American religious institutions.

Being involved with the SFAATFP has given me the opportunity to become an activist for my community.  It also gave me the incentive to become a non-smoker. I had tried to stop smoking for years, but once I became aware of the predatory practices of the Tobacco Industry against African Americans, I had to quit and I did! I'm so much more aware of how the Tobacco Industry manipulates our youth and communities of color.

I am a proud mother of three, two fine young men (25 and 23 years old) and a lovely daughter (15 years old).  I am pleased to be a part of this important project.

Project Funded by Proposition 99, the Tobacco Tax Initiative, through the Tobacco Free Project, Bureau of Health Promotion and Education, San Francisco Department of Public Health.