We used to pick it - now they want us to smoke it!

Tobacco related diseases kill  40,000 African Americans a year. That's more than car accidents, violence, and AIDS combined!

Billboards advertising tobacco products are placed in African American communities four to five times more often than in white communities.

Africans spend 6 billion dollars each year with the Tobacco industry.

Every day more than 3,000 American teenagers become regular smokers.

The San Francisco African American Tobacco-Free Project fights to counter the pervasive effects of tobacco in our community. If you're a Bay Area resident, think about joining us as an advocate, or attending an internet training. Learn about the tobacco industry's deceit, or find out how much you know about tobacco. Take a look at us, or check out our newsletter. We have ongoing paid youth internships available.

Check out our sister organizations, the Mouvement Anti-Tabac Senegal, the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project, and Becoming Nicotine Free.


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Last modified December 31, 2000

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