Polaris Research & Development is recruiting volunteers to participate in the San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project, (SFAATFP). The SFAATFP is a community capacity building project that is funded through the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Bureau of Health Promotion. The purpose of the project is to change community norms in the African American community around tobacco usage. In 1999, tobacco related deaths claimed the lives of over 40,000 African Americans.

After completion of a fun and exciting health advocacy training, the volunteers will:

Come grow with us and create positive change in our communities.

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Carol McGruder, Project Director or
Ernestine Daniel , Project Coordinator

San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project

Polaris Research and Development, Inc.

390 4th Street 1st Floor

San Francisco, CA 94107


 (415) 777-3229


 (415) 512-9625



Project Funded by Proposition 99, the Tobacco Tax Initiative, through the Tobacco Free Project, Bureau of Health Promotion and Education, San Francisco Department of Public Health.