On May 15, the San Francisco African-American Tobacco Free Project held a training to teach kids about the Internet. We held a web-searching contest to see which kids were the cyber-speediest! Here are the competitors:

Chinelle Austin

Age: 14

School: Ella Hill Hutch

Hobbies: Gymnastics and Dancing

"One day I'd like to be a pediatrician, because I love kids and babies and I believe I'd do a good job!"

Tony Smith

Age: 17

School: Ella Hill Hutch

Hobbies: Basketball

Favorite Athlete: Anfernee Hardaway

Jamika Johnson

Age: 12

School: Benjamin Franklin

Hobbies: Basketball and Jump Rope

Favorite Subjects: Math, Reading, Langauge Arts

Jazzemekia Johnson

Age: 15

School: John O'Connell

Hobbies: Babysitting, Talking on the Phone

"One day I would like to be a lawyer".

Check out the trainees from last month.

Everyone who attended learned something new about the Internet and how to use it to get more information about things that interested them. Maybe you or someone you know would like to attend the next training - if so, get in touch.